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April 26, 2009–Today’s Way: One of my favorite tricks for turning my long, stick-straight hair into lusciously curly locks also happens to cost absolutely no electricity or energy to do.  When I was little, my mom used to cut thin strips from a clean rag and then roll sections of my ever-so-slightly-damp hair around them and tie them up, until all of my hair was rolled up, then send me off to bed (a la “Little House on the Prairie”).  In the morning, I would wake up and untie the rags and uncoil my hair to reveal bouncy curls worthy of a Breck commercial.  I had forgotten about this good old fashioned beauty tip until I had to travel by air a few years ago and couldn’t fit my ancient (okay, and humongous, yet still quite effective) hair curlers into my luggage.  So, I just cut up an old t-shirt into strips, rolled my hair up, and awoke the next day with ringlets to rival Shirley Temple (I did eventually brush them out after amusing myself for a while).  Not only did I save myself the hassle of having to pack extra accessories, but my curls don’t require a stitch of energy.  I realize this trick doesn’t work for last-minute outings, but if you’re vegging out on a Sunday night enjoying your favorite TV shows, you can try it out and see what glamour emerges the next morning.  There are, of course, different kinds of twisty or spongey cold curlers available in the beauty section of most stores, but rags don’t cost a thing, are a way to repurpose a retired piece of clothing, and I actually find them to be much more comfortable than the bulky store-bought doo-dads.  It’s easier on your hair than hot curlers, too, with less heat damage.  Depending on which way you coil the hair, you can achieve different styles of curls…all just while you sleep.

Update:  A few of you requested a tutorial on how to do rag curls, and so I found a very helpful video detailing the steps here.

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