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April 24, 2009–Arbor Day–Today’s Way: In honor of Arbor Day, plant a tree this weekend!   Trees not only beautify our neighborhoods, but they clean our air, save us energy by cooling our yards and homes beneath the shade they provide, and in winter, save energy by letting the light in while sheltering us from the cold wind.  Trees filter and purify our water.  Trees create vital habitat for our songbirds and animals.  Trees give us brilliantly colored leaves to rake up into piles and jump into.  Trees give children a place to climb, a place to swing, a place to dream.  Trees give us flowers, fruits, nuts, pinecones and sweet syrups.  Trees fight the effects of global warming, all for very little asked in return.  You can obtain native saplings from your local County Conservation District for a very low price, or you can donate to the Arbor Day Foundation and receive saplings for your area, along with tips on when to plant and how to care for them.

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