June 11, 2009 — Today’s Way: It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I really feel sad for the mop in those commercials when it gets kicked out in favor of a new shiny Swiffer.  Poor little guy, left out in the cold, while that nasty Swiffer sits all cozy like in the warm closet indoors.  Okay, it also makes me cringe to think of how many “disposable” Swiffer sheets are being used once and then tossed into the landfill (for a more eco-friendly approach, you can make your own reusable sheets).  To tell the truth, nothing new or shiny can take away my love for our good old cotton mop.  It just plain works better.  Yes, it does mean that—Ewwwwww!—I may have to actually touch the mophead every now and then to take it off and wash it in the laundry, but it has proven itself to be an indomitable foe for just about every kind of scuff and spill and stain that it encounters, and with some of the clever built-in twisting models, or if you have one of those nice squeezers for your mop bucket, you don’t even have to ever touch the yucky mophead (except to launder it).  But best of all, it’s also not contributing to the mountains of trash that are piling up across our great land, filled with “disposable” swiffing sheets or sponge cartridges.