May 30, 2009–Today’s Way: The average blow dryer uses about 4.5 kilowatt hours per month, and that is based on only 5 minutes of drying time per day.  For someone with very long hair, like myself, that number goes up significantly.  A really easy way to save some money and some energy is to just let your hair dry naturally.  This time of year, it’s easy…with abundant sunshine and a natural bristle brush, my hair is dry in no time.  Of course, it’s not always feasible to let nature take its course—sometimes we’re in a hurry.  But all those days when we aren’t can really add up.  Just imagine if you didn’t use the hair dryer on weekends only, you could save about 1.2 kilowatt hours per month, or 14.4 (and remember, that’s the conservative estimate).  So, if you don’t have to be anywhere, or if your hair doesn’t require special blower styling, let it fly and save some greenhouse gases for us all.  Your hair will certainly thank you for it (heat damages hair shafts…drying naturally usually results in softer, healthier and shinier hair) and so will the planet.