May 23, 2009–Today’s Way: Water is our most precious resource, yet so few of us stop to consider where it comes from when it flows so easily from our faucets, or where it goes when it swirls out of our lives through the drain.  For so many people on the planet, fresh water doesn’t come easily, and it is not taken for granted.  For those who grow up with indoor plumbing and abundant, fresh water is freely flowing just about everywhere, it’s easy to overlook it, but it’s important to overcome our wasteful ways.  It’s just so simple: when you turn on a faucet, don’t leave water running unnecessarily.  Use whatever water you need, then turn the faucet off if you need to go get the lettuce out of the fridge, or while you’re brushing your teeth, or even as you’re soaping up your hands.  Just being a bit more mindful of your daily water usage will save you both money and precious fresh water.