May 19, 2009–Today’s Way: Summer seems to have finally found us here in Michigan, and it couldn’t have arrived a day too soon.  With the hot weather, I start thinking about drinking my daily tea on ice.  This weekend, as you plan for your Memorial Weekend cookout, picnic or gardening marathon, harness the freely available sunshine and make yourself a delicious batch of sun tea.  You can use one of those handy dandy sun tea jugs with a pouring spout, but if you don’t have one, any large glass jar with a lid will do.  Fill the clean jar with fresh water, add your favorite tea bags or herbs from your garden (I love combinations of peppermint and lemon balm, or slices of fresh lemons and ginger root), fit the lid and then set outside in the open and let the sun do the rest of the work for you.  A few hours later, strain and refrigerate for a full pot of refreshing tea to restore you all weekend long.  And best of all, you won’t need to use any extra energy or heat up your kitchen on an already hot day.