May 18, 2009–Today’s Way: If your water bills just seem to keep rising every year, you may want to evaluate exactly where every drop is being used.  One of the biggest water wasters is through sprinkler irrigation systems.  Depending on the temperature and humidity on any given day, a lot of the water you intend to be quenching the roots of your lawn or garden is instead being lost to evaporation.  If you were to use a drip irrigation system, however, you could be saving up to half of your water while more efficiently delivering the water where it’s needed:  in the roots.

Drip irrigation systems can be as simple as using soaker hoses—which are permeable water hoses which slowly seep or “sweat” water out, directly into the ground—or as fancy as an installed underground piped system complete with timers and hygrometers to measure the moisture of the soil.  Either way, there’s a solution to fit every budget and one that will save you water as well as money over time.

Eartheasy has a very informative article detailing the ins and outs of drip irrigation systems here.