May 17, 2009–Today’s Way: Of all the kitchen contraptions and doo-dads we’ve acquired over the years, the most valuable by far is our pressure cooker.  Often overlooked in the modern household (or looked at in head-scratching bafflement by friends and family), pressure cookers are a great way to cook foods faster while preserving more nutrients.  Everything from soups to beans and rice to potatoes and even roasts are cooked quicker under pressure, which means that more nutrients are retained.  Pressure cookers also require less water because they trap and pressurize steam to cook the food, in about half the time.  And of course, the less time the food is on the stove, the more energy (and dollars) you’ll save as well.

Look for a quality pressure cooker, which will have a safety locking mechanism as well as a pressure adjustment for different types of cooking.  To learn more about choosing and using pressure cookers, visit this article.