May 14, 2009–Today’s way: It’s not glamorous, but bringing your lunch to work will save you a lot of money and it’ll also save the environment from a lot of excess takeout food packaging in the waste stream.  All those little packets of condiments or salad dressings, plastic sporks, napkins as well as the cartons and bags food is carried in add up fast, and most of them end up in a landfill near you.  And that’s not even considering the amount of energy, trees and water that were used to make that packaging in the first place.  So take just a couple minutes of extra time to plan your meals the night before, and make yourself a healthy, delicious lunch, pack it with your reusable utensils and food carriers and enjoy a trashless lunch.

And to go in style and for inspiration, check out these cool stainless steel lunch containers.