May 13, 2009–Today’s Way: If you’ve got a large yard like ours and using a reel (powerless) push mower just isn’t an option, using an efficient mulching power mower is the next best choice (apart from not having a lawn to mow at all).  Mulching mowers, whether a push-type or riding style, not only cut the grass, but also chop it up into smaller bits and then scatter them across the grass.  The reason this is a good idea is that the chopped bits of grass settle down in between the blades of new grass, providing a light mulch that helps to hold moisture as well as fortifying the soil be eventually composting down to the roots.  It’s a win-win situation, and no one has to follow behind you to rake up the grass and put it into yard waste bags or the compost bin.  Of course, always try to purchase the most efficient modern mulching mower you can afford; it will save you fuel costs as well as reduce the emissions compared to an older mower.