May 4, 2009–Today’s Way: Use your ceiling fans!  And if you don’t have ceiling fans, install some (preferably ones with the energy star rating).  Why?  Ceiling fans use only about as much electricity as a 100-watt lightbulb, yet can reduce your heating costs (yes, heating) by 10% over a winter.  By running a ceiling fan in the reverse or counter-clockwise direction on its lowest speed through the cold months, the fan gently circulates rising hot air back down to where you live, instead of the heat gathering along the top of the room where you don’t.  In the summer, running ceiling fans in tandem with (or rather than) an air conditioning system keeps air circulating, which evaporates the moisture from your skin and making a room feel anywhere from 4-8 degrees cooler.  Most importantly, ceiling fans cost only pennies per day to operate versus dollars per day for an air conditioning unit, and uses vastly less energy while keeping your living areas comfortable.

For more information on choosing, using and installing ceiling fans, see here.