April 27, 2009–Today’s Way: In the WoodSprite office, we’re able to cut our paper costs by about half simply by printing documents on both sides of the page.  We also set aside single-sided sheets for re-use, then print on the blank side or cut them up for use as scratch pads before finally sending them along to the recycle bin.  Of course, we also use 100% Post-Consumer recycled paper (that’s the paper you and I recycle at our curbsides) that is processed without chlorine.  Just by instituting this simple policy, we’re not only keeping our office supply budget in the black, but helping to save a lot of unnecessary pollution, energy and cutting and processing of trees to make new paper.

You can make transitioning to this system easier for your own office or home by posting a sign on the copier or printer, reminding others to use the two-sided printing options, and then placing a paper sorter for single-sided sheets only next to the printer or copier where they will be handy.  Encourage your family or co-workers to turn over a new leaf of paper—it may take a bit of time to implement, but once everyone gets the hang of it, you’ll be saving your company or office money and saving trees at the same time.