April 12, 2009–Today’s Way: For those of you who have embraced the Swiffer dry sweeping technology but feel concerned about how wasteful their disposable cloths are, there’s a really quick and simple way to make them more eco-friendly.  All you need is some felt, found at any craft or fabrics store, and a pair of scissors–there’s not even any sewing required.  Take one of the disposable swiffer cloths, lay it onto the felt as a template, and cut the felt to size.  It’s a good idea to cut several pieces from the felt so you can rotate them in use.  Then, simply attach the felt as you do the disposable cloths to your sweeper and sweep away!  One benefit of using the felt is that you can flip it over and use the other side when one side becomes dirty.  When you’re finished, remove the felt, shake any excess dirt or debris into the trash and then toss the felt into the laundry for reuse later.   You’ll save some cash and at the same time, keep Swiffer disposables out of the trash!