April 9, 2009–Today’s Way: It’s easy.  Turn off the lights when you leave an empty room, every time.  It’s something our parents used to try and drill into our heads, but we seem to have forgotten.  If we collectively got back into the habit of turning the lights off when we don’t need them, we could save tons of electricity (literally, as in the tons of coal used to fire electrical plants, or the tons of greenhouse emissions that are released into the air we breathe) as well as saving some cash on our energy bills every month.  And it just doesn’t take any effort at all.  So try it today…make a game of it with your kids to see who can remember to turn them off first, or the most, but just practice turning off all the lights you’re not actively using, and just turn them back on when you walk into a room or when you need them.  The light you save could be your own.