April 7, 2009–Today’s Way: If you have an electric clothing dryer, it’s probably vented directly to the outdoors, redirecting lint and with it, a lot of valuable heat energy.  In the cooler months of winter when you have a furnace or boiler heating the house, it can cause dry air, resulting in itchy skin, sore throats and static cling.  Well, there’s an easy solution that costs only a few dollars and takes very little time to install…an indoor dryer vent switch will allow you to direct that moist, hot air back into your home when you want, while trapping lint in its fine mesh screen.  This way, you retain more heat energy and humidify your home at the same time.  When you want to route the air back to the outdoors, you just switch it again.  There are a couple of different models on the market, which you can probably find at your local hardware store.  The type we use is found here, and it works wonderfully.   Just one caveat:  unfortunately, this option is for electric dryers only–gas dryers must be vented outdoors.